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Bike Club Membership

Regardless of the area you are in, you may be able to become part of the Bike Club network and access a series of free support from the Bike Club Consortium and local officers if applicable. Examples of such support can include:

* free registration for the Youth Achievement Awards
* training and young people’s YAA booklets for your first Bike Club year
* free CTC membership, including group insurance
* support from Bike Club officers and consortium partners
* access to Bike Club small grant application procedure
* publicity and promotion for organisation
* brokering partnerships, shared resources with other professionals, groups or clubs that may benefit your project
* identification and access to relevant training
* sourcing and training volunteers
* contacts with registered/qualified cycling professionals
* support designing your club – consultation, format, ideas, examples

The first thing we’d recommend is to contact the Bike Club development officer for your nearest town. Once you have had a dicussion with someone from the Bike Club team, complete the Bike Club Membership Application Form to join the network of clubs growing across the UK.

Bike Club Membership Form – WalesIn Wales, Bike Club is supported by the CTC, Youth Cymru and Continyou Cymru. For more information vist Partner Organisations.


Three organisations are working together as the Bike Club Consortium. They have combined their expert knowledge of young people, non-formal learning and cycling to create Bike Club.

Youth Cymru is a charity that works with youth groups, youth workers and young people throughout the whole of Wales.
ContinYou Cymru LogoContinYou Cymru is the national organisation that uses innovative ways to support lifelong learning throughout Wales.

As the National Cycling Charity, CTC has been protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists since 1878. CTC is a charity that is funded through its membership and donations in return for support.

CTC has expertise in training and development of cycling in ‘hard-to-reach’ sectors of the community. Their experience includes cycling with young people, cycling with ethnic minorities (BME groups) and promoting cycling among disabled people.


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